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Royalties must be paid on these copyrighted works.


These rules apply to scripts by Jeannette Jaquish and scripts she handles with their authors' permission. Other authors have different rules.

* Important Copyright Notice *
All scripts are copyrighted, registered and protected
by United States and International Copyright Laws.
Federal law prohibits the reproduction of the publisher's material without written permission.
No performance may be given without permission, and payment of all royalties in advance.
~ Title 17, United States Code, Sec. 106 ~



When you order a script, you agree to abide by copyright law and these rules:

"Buyer": the person or business or institution who pays. The buyer may transfer rights to another by notifying Jeannette Jaquish.

"Performance": any performing of the play in front of people who are not in the performance or teaching it. If you are not sure, please ask.

You MUST list the playwright's name and the original author if there is one, and this accreditation should be on the poster and playbill, or if you do not have a poster or playbill it should be announced at the beginning of the performance.

Make sure Jeannette Jaquish has been told the correct performance dates and locations.

Pay royalties prior to performance, unless given permission otherwise.

Paying of royalty GIVES BUYER THE RIGHT to:
--perform the play,
--collect admission,
--make photocopies for production use,
--use the poster art included with the script,
--photograph all you like,
--and videotape the show and make copies for the cast, charging production costs if you choose to. Do not sell to those outside of the production's families without Jeannette Jaquish's permission.

For scripts by Jeannette Jaquish, but not necessarily the scripts by other authors on this website: You may play it on public access television or if you include Jeannette Jaquish's name as author or adapter on the title and listing, and notify the author. Jeannette Jaquish reserves the right to demand a video be pulled from any public playing.
You may use portions of the script and your photographs and video recordings in advertising the play.

YOU MAY NOT publish or sell the script or put another name as author (except for the portion he or she wrote). That is copyright violation that carries extreme penalties.
You may NOT sell recordings to anyone outside of the production without further permission.

These rules apply only to scripts by Jeannette Jaquish. Other authors on this website require separate permission, through this website.

I, Jeannette Jaquish, would appreciate being given the chance to make the changes you want, free. Just ask.

Many play authors require that you not change a word of their scripts. I am more flexible. I just want it to be clear what are your words and what are mine.
Changes you make in the script must be obvious, such as by writing them in by hand or in a different color, font or style, or writing "altered from original" on each page such as in a header or footer, or, if none of these, after last performance, destroying those altered scripts.
I, the author, wish to leave no confusion over what I have written.
If changes are significant, you must say so in the attribution of the script in the program/announcement (for example, after the title and author, add: "adapted by [name of re-writer]".
Other examples: "Script shortened from original by _____." "Ending changed by _______."
or specify such as "Fountain scene written by ______", "Forest creatures and lines added by _____", " White Rabbit's song and dance created by ___________."

ALTERATIONS ALLOWED on scripts by Jeannette Jaquish:
- Shortening it or simplifying it.
- Adding or subtracting or dividing or merging characters to fit cast size and actor types.
- Changing the gender of characters.
- Making it work in your performance space and its features.
- Tweaking a character's personality or the setting, date, time line.
- Adding songs, extra lines, extra bits that you think are improvements.
And since I've given you permission, I'd also love to hear what those changes/improvements are. I might ask if I can offer them in my script.

Changing the basic values, morals or lack of morals in the story or characters or changing the important points or events of the story. Please ask if some of the violence, and character flaws bother you. My characters are not iconic symbols of virtue. My lead characters tend to be flawed, but they do the right thing even so. One director wrote to tell me that at the end of my Hansel and Gretel script she had changed it so that God changed the heart of the stepmother to make her loving, when the script showed that it was the Father's mild scolding that caused Hansel and Gretel to stop being obnoxious and allowed the stepmother to be her natural loving self. This is the sort of moral re-writing that I require you check with me on. In this case I gave permission but explained why I thought she was ruining a practical lesson.
Other Authors on this website may not give permission. Submit your question and I will pass it on.

Copyright laws provide for penalties of up to $150,000 per infringement.
I would not be that hard unless you were putting your name on my script and selling it as your own, but I will give you some kind of hard time if you perform or publish my script without my permission or paying royalty.
I will certainly seek at least royalty costs plus discovery and collection and litigation costs. I deliberately charge less than "professional" scripts which are rarely any better. I do this so amateur theaters can afford them. Please pay me the small amount I ask.

Each script has lots of excerpts on the website. I left plenty in to tell the story. If you still need a full script to peruse before deciding, or if you are using the script for in-class readings or drama club practice and not performing for an outside audience, you should telephone me, Jeannette Jaquish, at the number above or email me your perusal request with all your contact info and intentions.

CHARITY PERFORMANCE If you are doing a charity performance, or an in-house therapeutic performance (such as with juvenile offenders or the physically or mentally challenged), contact me, the author and I will probably give you permission to use the script for free. Tell me your and your supervisor's names, phone numbers, institutional address, description of charity or therapy situation, and performance dates.


Some scripts come with tech notes. Please let me know if you need the script changed. I'm likely to offer to rewrite it for free.
I want your show to be a success and I am here to help you adapt the script to your circumstances.
Thanks for reading this long page,
Jeannette Jaquish

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