Scarecrow Scene from the New Wizard of Oz - 2 Characters

by Jeannette Jaquish, based on the books by L. Frank Baum

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Original by L. Frank Baum
Adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish
(c) 2007, 2008, 2010, Jan 1, 2012 Jeannette Jaquish

Royalty payment or permission is required to perform the entire script, however, this Scarecrow scene (with the Scarecrow song removed) is offered free for performance, if Jeannette Jaquish is notified.
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This is the Scarecrow Scene from ďThe New Musical Wizard of OzĒ adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish from the works of L. Frank Baum.

As we join the story, Dorothy and Toto have traveled a ways from Munchkinland ...

DOROTHY (ENTERS) Goodness, Toto, itís been a long walk already. (looking at audience) These are the most unusual statues, I think. Reminds me of pictures I've seen of Easter Island. Oh, Toto, How are your little paws? (ad lib until curtain opens)

(CURTAIN OPENS Ė Yellow Brick road at Corn Field.
SCARECROW on post.
Diverging paths on the yellow brick road.

DOROTHY (ENTERING, looking at road) Oh, now this is a puzzle. Which way should we go, Toto?

SCARECROW You could flip a coin. (spins arms)

DOROTHY What? Who said that?

SCARECROW Or close your eyes and spin around.

DOROTHY Whoís there? Toto! I think someone is spying on us. Hiding behind that scarecrow!
(looks behind him, comes back to front)
No. No one there.



SCARECROW - just take the road less traveled!

DOROTHY A talking scarecrow. Is it possible?

SCARECROW Donít ask me. I havenít any brain.

DOROTHY How can you talk with no brain?

SCARECROW I havenít got muscles, bones or a circulatory system either.

DOROTHY I had my tonsils removed. Well! Hello! My name is Dorothy.

SCARECROW How do you do? You can call me..uh..

DOROTHY Mr. Scarecrow?

SCARECROW Hah! No! Thatís my dad.

DOROTHY Then just Scarecrow?

SCARECROW Perfect! How are you?

DOROTHY I am fine thank you, and you?

SCARECROW Oh, the truth of it, is I am bored to tears up here. The crows pick on me and Iím hanging on a stick. With a nail stuck into my neck. A rusty one. THAT canít be healthy! I donít mean to be a whiner butÖ

DOROTHY Oh, let me help you! Wow! Thatís not a nail - Itís a spike! And it goes right into your HEAD!

SCARECROW Really! Well that explains a lot!

DOROTHY I canít reach it.

SCARECROW Without a brain I canít analyze, but maybe if you just give me a shake. (She shakes the pole and he somersaults forward)
Woohoo! (Scarecrow bounces around, losing straw.)

SCARECROW Iím free free free! Ooooh, I feel dizzyÖ.(flops)

DOROTHY Oh! Oh! Your stuffing! (grabs and stuffs it back in)

SCARECROW (reviving) Oh, thanks. I guess I got a little light-headed there.

DOROTHY Youíve got to be careful! Here, letís tie up all your strings, and button all your buttons, so whatís in stays in!

SCARECROW Yep! (stuffing self) Better in than out! Thatís what I always say, or would say if I had any smarts, -- Like you! Goodness! Itís great to have my feet back on earth! (Scarecrow whirls about and falls over and bounces back up. )

DOROTHY Wonderful! How long do you think you were up there?

SCARECROW Think? I canít think! Remember? The no brain thing?

DOROTHY Iím sorry. That was rude of me.

SCARECROW Think nothing of it! I certainly wonít. Say.... Kansas? Whereís Kansas?

DOROTHY I donít know anymore. Thatís why Iím traveling all the way to Emerald City to ask the Wizard of Oz to help me get back home.

SCARECROW Wow! He can do THAT? Do you think if I went with you, this Wizard would give me some brains?

DOROTHY I donít see why not. But maybe you shouldnít. Thereís a witch who has me on her To Do In List.

SCARECROW Witch? Huh! I'm not afraid of a witch! I'm not afraid of anything --- except a lighted match.

DOROTHY Well, thatís logical! Shall we be off?

SCARECROW Hooray! We're off to see a Wizard! (leaps, falls)

DOROTHY I donít think you want to roll around right there.

SCARECROW Good advice! (they hook elbows)



(DOROTHY & SCARECROW loop the audience)

(MUSIC: ďFollow the Yellow Brick RoadĒ)
(to the tune of ĎHail Hail, the Gangís All Here!Ē)

BOTH (sing)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
On a day so pretty
to the Emerald City,
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Nothingís gonna stop us now!


SCARECROW Say that is a catchy little tune. Where did you learn it?

DOROTHY The Munchkins sang something like it.

SCARECROW Was it spontaneous?

DOROTHY I suppose it was. They also sang one about the Wicked Witch dying.

SCARECROW How morbid! And they already had it memorized?

DOROTHY That is curious. How could they burst into song about something they didn't know would happen?

SCARECROW I don't know. Although, you learned it after hearing it just once.

DOROTHY Well, as you said, it is very catchy.

SCARECROW Yes. I think they have a hit!

DOROTHY How wonderful for them! They can use the money to rebuild their downtown after my house fell on it.


DOROTHY Oh, it's a long story.

SCARECROW Well give me the short version.

DOROTHY I squashed their witch.

SCARECROW That was you? A crow told me.


SCARECROW I thought he was exaggerating. Crows do.

DOROTHY They do?

SCARECROW Terribly. But he said the Munchkins were really enjoying their freedom.

DOROTHY - Thatís great!

SCARECROW - Starting new projects.

DOROTHY Like what?

SCARECROW Let's see. He said they are re-opening their plastics mine.

DOROTHY Oh, thatís a good idea!