The Frog Prince and the Princess Brats, JR
''What's up, Buttercup? Lost your little toy Don't cry, Pumpkin Pie, I'm your rescue boy.'' - Frog

by Jeannette Jaquish, (c) 2010 Jeannette Jaquish

Stage Set Design and FX for Frog Prince Jr.
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14 or 15 actors (about 20 minutes)
or .... (19 or 20 actors) (about 24 minutes)
or .... [21 or 22 actors] (about 25 minutes).
-- You receive all three when you order!

(The difference of 1 actor depends on if the Frog puppeteer also plays the Prince.)


1 Narrator ( 2 Narrators) [3 Narrators]
(Narrator(s) stand at the side in front of curtain so when it closes, Narrator(s) is still seen. Reads from script and prompts the other actors when needed. If someone forgets line, prompt them like this: Conceita gritted her teeth and told Sarcastica, "You are the ..." until the actor picks it up.)

Crazy Old Lady
Very Important Man
Sensible Kid
(also Farmer) [also Farmer & Aristocratic Lady]

Princess Poutella
Princess Conceita
Princess Sarcastica

Frog (really a prince)
Frog Flybreath
Frog Mudbrain
[(also Frog Francois)]
(The Frogs are puppets. The puppeteers hide their bodies in the pond, but not in the castle scenes. They wear all black.
If a Frog is also the Prince, before last scene, he puts on Prince costume, such as a tunic, belt, and boots, over his puppeteer black clothes and gets hair wet in the splash pot under pond.)



Boy Prince (can also be played by one of the Frogs. )


The Frog Prince and the Princess Brats

the 14 or 15 actor version

by Jeannette Jaquish (c) 2010 Jeannette Jaquish
This script may not be performed without written permission from the author. A small royalty payment is required. Please go to for royalty and author contact information.

SCENE 1: THE FIGHTING PRINCESSES (Open Curtain - if you have one.)
NARRATOR (reads from script): Once upon a time , when people talked in rhyme,
In the castle lived three princesses, charming and sublime,
Daughters of the Royal Queen
Taught to sing and pose and preen,
and whisper soft and sweetly all the time .

POUTELLA: (runs on with CONCEITA's doll) I've got your stupid doll and I'm going to throw it in the moat!
CONCEITA : (runs on with music box, grabs doll) Give me back my doll or I'll stuff this music box down your throat!
SARCASTICA: (runs on, grabs music box) Give me back my music box or you'll wish you could float!

(Screaming "Give it back" and tussling they all EXIT chasing each other off.)

NARRATOR: Well, softly and sweetly most of the time.
Anyway, The village that the castle ruled,
Full of hungry folk that were not fooled,
and saying words, that not even birds,
Would tweet.

(CRAZY LADY & CHILD ENTER quickly from different directions, STOP together and say:)
CRAZY LADY: Squirrels in the cornfield, puddles in the street,
SENSIBLE CHILD: The children in the alley have nothing to eat!

VERY IMPORTANT MAN (ENTERING): Be off! Old Lady! Take your crazy talk away!
Dirty little orphan. No coin for you today! (walks away)

CRAZY LADY (sarcastic): Big important gentleman. Better take a care!
SENSIBLE CHILD: Your money won't help you when there is sickness everywhere!
VERY IMPORTANT MAN (stops, unsure): Uhhhh,... The Queen will do something about it.
CHILD & CRAZY LADY: Ha ha ha ha ha! Not likely! (EXIT laughing)

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, back at the castle....



PRINCESSES: Give it back. That's mine! Let go! (etc.)
QUEEN (ENTERING): What is all the racket? The castle echoes with the noise! (PRINCESSES straighten up.)
Oh! Why did I get girls instead of nice, polite little boys?
Poutella! Conceita! Sarcastica!




QUEEN: Quiet!! You are princesses and you will behave like princesses! No more fighting over toys!!!
(Grabs the toys out of their hands.)

PRINCESSES: Ohhh, Mother....

QUEEN: Don't you "Oh Mother" me!
Is this how you will behave when you become queens?
Fighting like Marines?
Woooh! And smelling like beans? (PRINCESSES smell themselves and grimace at their sweat.)

The angry Queen sends the Princess outside to read big books, but the princesses go to the pond instead.


(Pond: plants hide frog puppeteers. Princess sit above them on a table or platform, or they stand.)

NARRATOR: Ah, the beauty of nature made those princesses feel much better.
And less worried about not obeying their mother to the letter.


Princess are glad to be away from boring castle.


(PRINCESSES climb onto shore platform.)
FROG voices: Rrribbit! Rrrribbit! ( Splash audience when frogs or toys go in or out of water.)

POUTELLA This beach is warm and sunny, I could stay here all day.
CONCEITA Wouldn't that be nice? No lessons, no singing....

POUTELLA I don't mind the singing. I like singing. La la la la la la la! (other PRINCESSES cover ears)
CONCEITA I'm not surprised. You sing like a bird.
POUTELLA A nightingale?
CONCEITA No, a crow! Caw! Caw!


The princesses fight and throw each others' toys in the water, then cry some more.


FROG (popping up): What's up, Buttercup? Lost your little toy?

(PRINCESSES look up wiping eyes, trying to see who is talking.)

FROG: Don't cry, Pumpkin Pie, I'm your rescue boy.




FROG: I heard ya crying, like someone's dying! So gimme the song of what's wrong.
Without the flowers flying!

POUTELLA: (pointing) She threw my doll in the water.
CONCEITA: (pointing) She threw my ball in the water.
SARCASTICA: (pointing) She threw my music box in the water.

FROG: Hmmmm.. Three sunken toys.
Guess I'll be needing some help from the boys. (Dives into pond with a splash)

POUTELLA: Where'd he go?

(THREE FROGS pop up.)

FROG: I brought 2 of my pals. Here's Flybreath.

FROG: and Mudbrain.



FROG: So, my ladies, me and the boys could lend you a hand...
POUTELLA : Fetch my doll ! That's a command.

FROG: Keep your crown on Princess. How about a deal instead?
CONCEITA : Fetch my ball or I'll chop off your head!

The princesses promise to do the three day thing. The Frogs dive and get the toys but the Princesses snatch them and run away and leave the frogs at the pond. The Frogs set out to follow them. At the castle....


QUEEN: Milkmaid! The moat is a mess! It needs a good scrubbing.

MILKMAID: Yes, Your Majesty. I'll use lots of soap.

QUEEN: Butler! The yardboy was napping! Give him a good drubbing.

BUTLER: Yes, Your Majesty! I'll use a big stick and rope.

QUEEN: Stableboy! The moat monster needs grooming. He has bones stuck in his teeth.
Put him on a vegetarian diet. We're using too much beef!

STABLEBOY: Your Highness! He's a carnivore. He only eats meat.
If he gets hungry, he'll come through the door and have all of us to eat!




(PRINCESSES ENTER running and crash into SERVANTS who limp or crawl offstage. PRINCESSES stand at attention when they see their mother, hiding toys behind them.)

QUEEN: Back so soon? Did you read your three chapters?

PRINCESSES: Yes.......

QUEEN: Where are the books?


POUTELLA: We took them back to the library!

QUEEN: Those weren't library books!


The Queen asks the girls what they read and they try to fake it making up ridiculous things.


QUEEN: Not one of you read your book! Oooh! Cheer me up! Sing "Peas Porridge Hot"! (faces them)

PRINCESSES: Peas porridge hot, Peas porridge cold,
Peas porridge in the pot, Nine days old.
(FROGS hop in and dance behind Queen. Princesses panic.)
Some like it Frog, Frogs like it cold,
Some like it in the Frog, Nine Frogs old.

QUEEN: Stop! Stop! Stop! There are no Frogs in "Peas Porridge Hot"!
PRINCESSES (hysterical): No frogs! No frogs at all. Ha ha ha! Not a one! No frogs!



QUEEN (turns, sees frogs): Eeeek! Frogs! Frogs everywhere! Servants! Get these disgusting frogs out of the room!

STABLEBOY voice: So sorry, My Queen, but I'm spoon-feeding the beast!
BUTLER voice: Shingling the roof, My Queen! Then I'm cooking the feast!
MILKMAID voice: I'm scrubbing the moat and all covered in scum!



FROG: Croak! Sorry for crashing your party but a crime has a occurred!
These three little princesses have broken their word.

MUDBRAIN & FLYBREATH: Croak! Pillows! Plates! Pockets! Croak! Croak! Croak!


The Frog tells of the princesses lies and the Queen tells them to keep their promise. The princesses try to get the servants to take care of the frogs but they make wild excuses and escape. The curtain closes for a set change and to cover the clatter:


CRAZY OLD LADY: What is all the clatter? Sounds like destruction!
VERY IMPORTANT MAN: Could it be an earthquake? Or maybe new construction?
CRAZY OLD LADY : It's coming from the castle. What could it be?

CRAZY OLD LADY : The Revolution?
SENSIBLE CHILD: No. (pause) It's frogs.

Bedtime. The frogs are jumping on the bed and causing a ruckus. The tired princesses come in telling them to be quiet, and drop asleep. The Frogs want to play but fall asleep also, then snore.


POUTELLA: (grabs FROG) I just got to sleep. And your snoring woke me up.
Shut your noisy yap or I'll stuff you in a cup!

FROG: The witch’s spell said “pillow"! Must your promise I repeat?
Besides I haven't complained about SOMEONE'S stinky feet.

MUDBRAIN & FLYBREATH: Croak! Croak! Stinky! Croak! Croak! Feet! Croak! Croak! Pee-yoo!

CONCEITA: So there really was a witch?
Who put a spell on you?
Tell us all about it, and don't stop until you're through.

The Frog tells the story of how he got bewitched into a Frog by a witch disguised as an old woman. The princess don't believe him and point out that even if it is true, they are only with him for a deal, not because they are friends. He cries, realizing that a fake friend will not break the spell, then after they are asleep, plays another trick on them. Next day, the princesses start having fun with the frogs, and start driving the servants and Queen crazy.


(SERVANTS ENTER in front of closed curtain, carrying mop, scrub-brush, bucket)

STABLEBOY: Finally! The evening of day number 2,
And those frogs are still here. Ugh! What is that on my shoe???


The Milkmaid and Butler also complain in rhyme, the Queen enters furious about flies in her pudding and chases the servants.
Finally, it is Day #3. The princesses take the frogs back to the pond. It is a beautiful day and the Frog thanks them for being good sports. He asks, please, for a kiss. They kiss him and he screams and falls into the pond. A wet Boy flops out. The princesses wish he was still a frog. This hurts his feelings, but he says he is done with all that disgusting stuff. They urge him to come visit.


BOY: Thank you, Princesses, thank you. Visit you I will.
But first I must see my family,
They might not be too thrilled.
I was a rather unpleasant child.
I caused them all some shame.

CONCEITA: They’ll take you back. I know it. But wait, what is your name?

BOY: Hm.. That’s funny. I guess I’ve gotten used to“Frog”. Well, it's time to go.
(shakes hands with Mudbrain and Frogbreath.) Goodbye, Mr. Mudbrain and Mr. Frogbreath. You have been loyal and distinguished companions. Thank you, gentlemen.

PRINCESSES: Gentlemen???

BOY: And now princesses.... See ya later, Sweet Potaters! (Wink and EXIT)

SARCASTICA: He's gone! Who will we play with now?
SENSIBLE CHILD (ENTERING) : There's lots of children in the village!

SARCASTICA: Have you been spying on us?
SENSIBLE CHILD : Of course. Come on! I'll introduce you!

SARCASTICA: Oh boy! Playing with peasants! That will really make Mother mad!


The Princesses think of all the fun they can have playing with the village children and run off. The Townsfolk see them and are shocked.


VERY IMPORTANT MAN: Do you know what this means?

CRAZY OLD LADY : We can cancel the revolution?

VERY IMPORTANT MAN: Exactly! And fast!

CRAZY OLD LADY : I'll tell the peasants! You tell the aristocrats!


(BOTH EXIT running.)

NARRATOR! Yes! The kingdom lived happier than ever before! The!

FROGS: Croak!


FROGS: Croak! Croak!




The Frog Prince and the Princess Brats
by Jeannette Jaquish (c) 2010 Jeannette Jaquish
This script may not be performed without written permission from the author. A small royalty payment is required. Please go to for royalty and author contact information.

CURTAIN - not required but sure makes set changes easier. Play music if audience has to wait while you set things up.

SET The stage has a pond on one side (plants conceal the puppeteers, behind them higher up are the princesses, sitting on a "beach" -- a platform or table draped with an earth tone blanket, with fake flowers stuck in somehow so they stand up.

If you cannot make a beach, the princesses can stand.
On the other side of the stage is the castle interior: any furniture and decorations.
Bed is either a bed, table or a bench covered with a blanket, pillows on top, set left-right so the princess can lie side by side on their stomachs, facing the audience.
Or the princesses can stand side by side with the blankets or pillows on the floor and lift the blanket with one hand and put it under that elbow and hold the pillow against their face with the other hand. It will appear that the audience is looking down on them from above.
Either way, puppeteers are behind Princesses reaching through to operate their puppets.)

Three frog puppets or stuffed frogs

Some way to splash water, or a squirt gun.
Make a water catapult: long handled plastic big spoon and a medium pot. Rest spoon in pot, wrap rubber band around spoon where it touches pot -- duct tape loop of that rubber band to outside of pot, to hold the spoon in place. Put 2 inches or so of water in pot. When someone hits down on spoon handle outside the pot, it should catapult water out. Put some kids on the project to figure it out and how to aim it. Have a "Shamu" area of audience where the water hits. The kids in the audience will squeal with happiness when the water flies out of the pond and splashes them.


Queen's chore list

Three big old looking books.
--Add titles:
"Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome",
"Geography of the World",
"Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna"

Nice blanket or quilt, 3 pillows

Bed, table or bench to make a bed.

The Narrator introduces the story and follows the script to prompt the actors if they forget their part.
(If an actor does not say their line the Narrator starts it, for example: "Princess Sarcastica shook her head and said, "That's not true! I never spilled grape juice..." until the actor starts saying the line.)

The Crazy Old Lady, Very Important Man and Sensible Kid (The Townsfolk) enter and complain about the Royal Family as the Princesses and then the Queen enter. Then they, the townsfolk, exit.

The Princess Brats are arguing. The Queen tells them to go out and study the classics (large books) in the sunshine. They complain, but go, leaving the books and taking their favorite toys: a ball, a doll and a music box (or other toys that can be dropped without breaking).
They go to the pond shore, argue again and accidentally or deliberately drop their toys.
They cry. Frog appears, introduces his two Froggy friends, Flybreath and Mudbrain.
They offer to retrieve the toys if the girls will let them share their pillow plate and pocket for three days.
The girls promise and the Frogs dive down and get the toys. The princesses grab the toys and run off. The Frogs go after them. All EXIT the stage.

The Crazy Old Lady, Very Important Man and Sensible Kid enter and talk about the crazy Royal Family. Exit.

The Queen enters and calls her servants. Reading from her list of chores, she demands that each go fix something. As they back off, bowing, the Princesses run in, crashing into servants. The servants crawl off injured.
The Queen scolds them and demands that they recite their lessons, then sing. As the princesses stand and try to sing, facing the Queen, the Frogs show up behind the Queen, panicking the Princesses. The Queen discovers all the frogs and yells for the servants who can't come. The Queen demands and gets an explanation from the princesses and frogs, and orders the princesses to keep their promises. Queen exits. Princesses disgustedly pick up their frog and Exit. Servants enter crossing the stage to avoid the Queen. Princesses enter, see them and try to get them to take the frogs for three days. The servants escape and the Princesses stomp off with the frogs.

Townsfolk talk about strange sights of princesses and frogs and rumors.

Bedtime for princesses. Frogs are jumping on the bed (or pillows) and Princesses are exhausted and fall asleep with frogs hopping on them. Frogs fall asleep, then snore and wake up Princesses. Princesses demand they leave and Frogs tell story of witch enchanting them. Princesses tell them that they aren't friends and frogs cry but start to play again.

Servants come on complaining about princesses playing with frogs and making messes.
Queen comes through furious about Frog messes, chases servants to go clean up everything.
Townsfolk come on to comment on all the noise from the castle.

Princesses carry Frogs to pond and set them down (so puppeteers can slide their hands inside puppets) as they sit down. Three days are up and princesses say they'll miss frogs. Frog asks for a kiss, and all princesses kiss him. Frog suddenly groans in pain and all princesses drop frogs, startled, and look into water.
Suddenly Boy Prince leaps out of water and other two frogs croak excitedly.
Boy Prince and Princesses talk. He promises to visit and leaves.

Princesses lament that now there is no one to play with. Sensible Child enters and tells them there are lots of kids in town they can play with and offers to introduce them. Princesses exit with Sensible Child.
Crazy Lady and Important Man enter discuss Princess playing with kids and go to cancel the Revolution.
The End.

* * *To see a PERUSAL SCRIPT, please contact Jeannette Jaquish
at (260) 484-5946, between 7am and 10pm, Eastern Standard Time, USA,
or at

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