Cast List for The New Musical Wizard of Oz - Complex Version

by Frank L. Baum, adapted by Jeannette Jaquish

Dorothy -
Auntie Em -
Uncle Henry -
Toto - (written to be a real dog) -
Professor Osland / Gatekeeper/ Wizard -
Miss Gully / Witch -
Glinda -
Scarecrow -
Tin Man -
Lion -

MUNCHKIN / MONKEYS and their special moments. Choose one with a strong voice to be the Coroner. Add more Munchkins or Monkeys by spreading out the lines, or give lines as Munchkin but not as Monkey or visa-versa.
#1 - 1st to speak, Monkey Commander, Who Let the Dog Out?, Pancakes
#2 - Unidentified Falling House Sleepy Monkey, Jump on Beds,
#3- pop-up Sleepy Monkey, Loop de Loops
#4 - pop-up Three Guesses?, Play in Forest,
#5 - Coroner, Eating Cookies, Mopper
#6 - Thatís an understatement! If you Change the Others? Eating Cookies, Fly up and bite
#7 - Pageant Director, Warn Dorothy?, Who Let the Dog Out? Repestra
#8 - When Munchkinland burped . .? Who Let the Dog Out, Tristilda
Other parts for Munchkin / Monkeys:
Ruby Slipper Snatcher -
Land Shark -
History Pageant: 1 or more parts for each Munchkin

EMERALD CITIZENS / WINKY GUARDS (wear a basic suit of black pants & long sleeved shirts and add costume pieces on over top):
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
Emerald Citizens parts in the "Lousy Play":
Lousy Dorothy -
Lousy Toto -
Lousy Munchkin -
Lousy Glinda -
Lousy Witch -
Backstage Voice (can be the real Witch) (gets to read from Lousy script) -

OTHER CHARACTERS or JOBS (Can be played by Emerald Citizens or others)
2 to 20 Tornado Techies, Gymnasts and Dancers (optional) -
Fishline Operator to Twirl Scarecrow Witch -
Bubbler (someone backstage with a bubble gun)-
Apple Tree -
2 Forest Monsters -
Window Munchkins can be played by big people, such as the Emerald Citizens who stick their heads out a Munchkinland window wearing a dollís body under their chins and operate the arms and legs as puppets.

Set Changers -

Toto Handler - - - (can be a Munchkin) (pushes him on for Kansas scene and takes him outside during intermission and makes sure he gets water and is supervised.) -

Monkey Handler - control and cue Munchkin-Monkeys backstage -

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