Don't Look in the Lake
Long Version - No Supernatural Characters

This is the Long Version plus one more character for a cast of 12.

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RICKY - Boy who tries to be cool

PENNY - Girl who tries to be cool

ANDREW - Like Martin on The Simpsons: romantic, optimistic, joyful, naive. Likes poetry and butterflies.

VICKY - Obnoxiously cheerful. Cheerleader. Group hugs.

CARLIE & CLAIRE - girls who act, style their hair and dress alike pretending to be twins, but they are not.

DIDWARD - Boy with the nasal voice and personality of Squidward: superior, bored and sarcastic.




BINK - Kid dropped off at the wrong camp, also plays
DROWNED DEBBIE - wet stringy hair, decayed nightgown, scary.


This version is basically the same as the long version except (SPOILER ALERT!) the supernatural scary part turns out to not be real and a few things happen differently to make that happen.

Here are two bits with the new character, Bink:


HAPPY COUNSELOR - So, let's get to work making pretty things! (Tries to pick up tub of recyclables but it is too heavy.) What is going on?

BINK (popping out of tub) Iím sleeping! Go away!

HAPPY - Youíre that feral raccoon kid the camp office warned us about! They said you have rabies and you bite!

BINK - I donít have rabies. My mom dropped me off at the wrong camp, and the office wonít give me a bunk until I pay $400.

HAPPY - Get out of here before I scream!

BINK - Who cares? Scream your head off! Hey, does anyone have any granola bars? Iím starving!


JANITOR - Moochers get put to work. Grab a mop kid!

BINK - Youíll never catch me, you creepy janitor! (EXITS)

HAPPY COUNSELOR - Iím sorry you had to witness that, children. Good thing Art is therapeutic, right? So get to work!


ANDREW - Oh, I like fiction. Have you read the Boxcar Children series?

PENNY - (tricking him, very sweetly) I have. I love it. Wasn't that great how they made shelves out of fence planks? Hey! Wanna come with us tonight? We might find a boxcar of our own, and we can fix it up.

(BINK ENTERS unseen.)

ANDREW - Oooh! Oooh! That sounds like fun!
Iíll meet you behind the slaughterhouse at 11pm.

BINK - Youíre gonna escape?

RICKY - Yeah, what about it?

BINK - Lots of campers have. Itís easy
Sniff sniff! I think thereís some soup left in some of these cans.
(starts rooting through recyclables.)
Yum! Peanut butter!

PENNY - Yuck! How do you know lots of campers have escaped? You only got here yesterday like us.

BINK - I slept under the mess hall porch. You hear things. Eeek! Ominous footsteps!

(BINK hides under recyclables tub, or under the table, or EXITS.)