Photos from Hansel and Gretel and the Creepy Woods


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This cast of girls are learning English and confidence through performing. They have lost their parents and are learning skills to become successful in the world. Look at their proud smiles. They are brave and strong. -- Jeannette Jaquish
This letter is from their "Director":

Hello Ma'am
The actors don't belong to the same school. I am actually going to a Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO), named "Udayan Care" and teaching the children drama.
These children don't have their parents. Some of them were left at a very early age, while some were left at an age when they could have understood why they were abandoned. The basic purpose is to go and bring smiles to the children and give them a way to express themselves and not feel left out from the rest of the children.
The NGO is amazing, it provides a lot of good facilities to the children, all of whom are girls (Yes even the father and Hansel are girls) in every way possible.
One experience that I would like to share is that almost all of these children were neither fluent nor comfortable with English, but still they did the entire play in English and that too with an amazing confidence. That is one thing that has been improved through your script. Another thing is that volunteers from many cities in India happened to be present during the show and happened to appreciate it a lot!

Thank You,
Keshav Khanna

ENTER THE WITCH! Director Keshav Khanna, in a gray t-shirt, reads the script. - - - - - - - - - NO! NO! DON'T GET IN THE POT!


WHAT AN AMAZING CAST! -- The Elves have cone hats, Hansel and Gretel are on the far left and right, the Father and Stepmother are the little ones on the right, and the Fairy Frog and Fairy Dog are in costume on the back row. The Witch is not hard to find.

-- Scenes from Carroll Community Theatre in Carroll, Iowa:

-- Scenes from Michigan, USA Alpine Days Festival: