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Note: Do not say the words in italics or inside parentheses. They are either stage directions, or translations.

Father, or anyone
Son, or anyone

(Father and Son enter, led by Waiter and sit at table.)

WAITER: Here is your table.

SON: This restaurant looks nice.

FATHER: Si. Es un restaurante muy bonito.

WAITER (to FATHER): The menu.

FATHER: Thank you.

WAITER: You’re welcome. (to SON): El menu.

SON: Gracias.

WAITER: De nada. Do you need time to decide what to order?

SON: (to his father) Necesita usted mas tiempo para ordenar?

FATHER: No, I have already decided!

SON: Que va a pedir?

FATHER: Quiero la sopa especial. Esa que tiene el arroz, las cebollas y los esparragos.

SON: Rice, onions and asparagus! Mmmm! I want the soup special also!

WAITER: (taking menus) Excelente! Volvere.

SON: I’m so hungry.

FATHER: Yo también tengo hambre, Oh, mira! Aquí viene la sopa.

SON: Que bueno!!!

(WAITER returns carrying soup with thumb in FATHER’s bowl.)

FATHER: Waiter! You have your thumb in my soup!!!

WAITER: (wiping thumb on napkin) Me hablaba? Oh Gracias, Senor, por preocuparse por mí pero la sopa no esta caliente. (Exits)

FATHER: “Thank you but it’s not hot!” I don’t believe it! His dirty thumb was in my soup!

SON: Su dedo esta limpio, ahora.

FATHER: Ewwww! You eat. I’m not hungry now.

SON: (spits out first taste) Bleccchh!!

FATHER: Que pasa?

SON: There is a fly in this soup!

FATHER: Una mosca en tu sopa!!! Eso es terrible!!


WAITER (placing bill on the table): Aqui tiene la cuenta.


WAITER: Fly in your soup??? Is that a problem? Are you a vegetarian?!

FATHER: Mira! Mira! Veo cuatro moscas más nadando en la sopa.

WAITER: Four more flies! (picks up bill) Now I have to charge you for meat soup. (EXITS)

SON: Sopa con carne!! Mesero! Yo no voy a pagar por un plato con moscas! Mesero! Mesero!

FATHER: We’re not paying! Do you hear me?

(They look determined then sigh and sit hopeless, staring at their bowls hungrily.)

SON: Yo no puedo comer esto plato con moscas.

FATHER: Do you want mine? A dirty thumb is better than flies.
(FATHER & SON look at bowls sadly.)

(Cook brings in big pot and sets on nearby empty table. EXITS)

SON: sniff sniff…. Que esto que huele tan rico?

FATHER: Yes! What is that good smell? (looks around) It's that pot of stew over there!
(FATHER & SON get up and look inside pot.)

SON: Una olla de sopa! Mmmmm. Mira como espesa y sabrosa se ve.

FATHER: Yes, it looks delicious!

SON: Yo quiero un poco de esa sopa!

FATHER: Sirvamonos un plato de esta sopa.

SON: Hurry! Before the waiter gets back! Andale!
(They scoop it into their bowls and sit down to eat.)

SON: Yum yum! Delicious?

FATHER: Si, deliciosa! Que es esto? Son chicharos?

SON: Peas? I don’t know. Corn?

FATHER: Maiz? No siento el sabor. Es camote?

SON: Sweet potato? It’s possible. Beans?

FATHER: frijoles? No siento el sabor. Es muy picante!

SON: Yes, very spicy! Very good!

FATHER: Si! Muy bueno…

SON: A pesar de las moscas y el mesero tonto, me gustaría regresar a este restaurante.

FATHER: Si! Solo para ordenar esta sopa deliciosa!

SON: Yes! But what is the name of the soup?

(COOK returns carrying mop. Looks in pot.)

FATHER: El nombre de la sopa? Hmmmm……. Sopa sabrosa! (Slurp!)

SON: Soup delight! (Slurp!)

COOK: Hey! Who spilled my mop water?? Quien volcó el agua del trapeador, esta casi vacio !

SON: (spit out soup) Mop water??!!

FATHER: (spit out soup) Agua del trapeador!!??

(SON and FATHER run off gagging. COOK shrugs and scrapes their bowls into mop bucket.)

COOK: Eddie! Tus clients se van sin pagar! Hmmmm… do any of our customers pay???
(shrug) Darn! Now I need more water. (EXITS.)

WAITER: (Enters, looks, exits) Oh, some people have no class! Oh… algunas personas no tienen clase! (Exits.)

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