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Plays for Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, or Thanksgiving

Plays for Halloween or Horror Theater Scripts

Simple Skits - Quick and Easy!

Plays for Little Kids to Perform (maybe with an adult or two)

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Free Scenes for Monologues and Contests


~ Easy Theater Camp Scripts ~

Easy lines, Easy tech, a variety of easy to medium tricky parts, 6 to 25 minutes.
Find these scripts below, or click here.
--Frog Prince and the Princess Brats, JR, for 14 or 15 actors, age 7 and up.
--Don't Look in the Lake, 7 to 12 actors, age 8 and up.
--Fairy Tales on the Mars Frontier, 11 to 35 actors, age 7 and up.
--Hansel & Gretel and the Creepy Woods, 15 to 20 actors, age 6 and up.
--That's How I Remember It, 12 or more boys and girls, age 6 and up.
--The Spoiled Baloney Man, 8 actors including a Frog puppet, age 7 and up.
--Restaurante del Diablo (mixing English & Spanish) 4 or more actors
--Lots of Easy Skits