A Comparison of the Easy and Complex Versions of ''The Wizard of Oz''

adapted by Jeannette Jaquish, original by L. Frank Baum

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COMPLEX - 20 to 39 - Many actors play 2 parts such as Munchkins-Monkeys and Emerald Citizens/Witch Guards, also Trees, Monsters, Bubblers, Tornado Dancers, if you want a smaller cast, or to keep them busy.
SIMPLE - 52 or fewer - Only a few actors play an extra small part such as Tree or Monster. 5 Dorothies, and 2 Scarecrows, 2 Tin Mans, and 2 Lions, to make parts easier and to share the limelight.

COMPLEX - Your standard mixed-experience actor play. All parts require concentration and normal intelligence. Lead parts are more difficult. Less skilled actors can be extra Winky Guards, Emerald Citizens, Munchkins and Monkeys, or Trees.
SIMPLE - The same story as the complex. Lines are worded easier and shorter. Very obvious cues, often repeating a phrase from the previous line. Storyteller narrates much of what the characters feel, think and where they go and why, and can ad lib when a line is forgotten to get them back on script. Some complex unnecessary bits in the complex version are skipped. It is still very long if you are using small children or developmentally challenged adults.

COMPLEX - About 120 to 130 minutes. Two short scenes are fun but unnecessary.
SIMPLE - Approximately 90 to 110 minutes. The playwright has not produced this play yet to find out.

Minimal or Detailed sets may be used. Many different locations in the sets: Kansas-Tornado-Munchkinland-Cornfield-Tin Man Forest-Lion's Dark Forest-Emerald City Gate-Lousy Play Backdrop-Oz Throne-Dark Forest-Castle Wall & Trees- Inside Witch's Castle-Oz Throne-Emerald Gate-Kansas. Short scenes downstage entertain the audience while set is changed. Trees walk on and off. Yellow Brick Road is painted carpet pieces. Hand carried set pieces on and off. Wizard's Face should be projected with a video camera and video projector, either front or rear projected. Tech Notes explain, but it is a lot of work.

COMPLEX - Just what you'd expect and as much energy as you put into it.
SIMPLE - Designed to have multiple actors play one part- one or two scenes each) Up to 5 Dorothy costumes and 2 each Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man, Witch.

COMPLEX - $50 first performance; $20 additional; $120 1 year.
SIMPLE - $40 first performance; $15 additional; $100 1 year.

3-CD MUSIC SET- Costs the same for Simple and Complex:
$45 - Act 1, Act 2 & Rehearsal with voice on music. (All licensing done for you.)

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