The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Theater Script
''The dog pound is taking Auntie Em instead of Toto??? Oh, no! Will they put her to sleep?''

from the classic original story by L. Frank Baum
a delightful new musical adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish
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COST: Complex: 1st performance: $50; Additional: $20 each; or $120 for a year.
Simplified: 1st performance: $40; Additional: $15 each or 100 for a year.

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-- Dorothy squeezes out the window of her upside down crashed house into Munchkinland. --
Rehearsal Photo for Ecstatic Theatrics 2012 production in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In the style of the MGM musical based on the brilliant story and characters of Frank L. Baum's books, Jeanette Jaquish has added more wit, quirky humor, and additional bits and scenes for the Munchkins, Flying Monkeys, Emerald Citizens, Winkie Guards, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry, and even a flashback with the Witches of the East and West as squabbling little sisters. -- Everyone has good lines in this play!

The Wizard appears in the Kansas scenes as a vacuum cleaner salesman dumping dirt on Auntie Em's rug, and getting whacked with Miss Gully's broom, then later gives Dorothy some helpful advice on dealing with Miss Gully and a white lie about who the dog pound guys are dragging into the truck.

The supporting characters are really characters with quirky personalities and lots of funny exciting side scenes.

You may not believe it, but this script is BETTER than the movie script - more witty, funny, surprising and scary. Read the excerpts and see for yourself!

Author's Note: This play is a $$Money-Maker. Of all my scripts, this one brings in the largest audience. But it is a lot of work.

TECH REQUIREMENTS:: Quick but simple set changes using portable scenery, such as hinged flats or painted refrigerator boxes. Wizard's Throne Room Display (the giant head ) requires a video projector and either a live video camera pointing at the Wizard behind his curtain onstage, or the Wizard's part previously videotaped and playing with the live scene. Or you could create a giant Wizard head with moving eyes, mouth and other effects.
You need either a stage curtain or portable curtains.
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The script comes with detailed Tech Notes, and you can get a video of other productions.

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