Scene 1 of Long Version of 'Don't Look in the Lake'

by Jeannette Jaquish

Short Version of 'Don't Look in the Lake'
Long Version-No supernatural characters
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by Jeannette Jaquish (c) 2008, 9/2011
Version Two: 11 Characters. The additional characters are Didward and Claire and Carlie.

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RICKY - Boy who tries to be cool

PENNY - Girl who tries to be cool

ANDREW - Like Martin on The Simpsons: romantic, optimistic, joyful, naive. Likes poetry and butterflies.

VICKY - Obnoxiously cheerful. Cheerleader. Group hugs.

& CLAIRE - girls who act, style their hair, and dress alike, pretending to be twins, but they are not.

DIDWARD - Boy with the nasal voice and personality of Squidward (from Sponge Bob): superior, bored and sarcastic.




DROWNED DEBBIE - wet stringy hair, decayed nightgown, scary.


SCENE 1 - ARRIVING AT CAMP - Closed Curtain

(Set: Tree, sign, table, 1 old fashioned suitcase & 2 identical girly backpacks, HAPPY & MEAN Counselors look at clipboard, JANITOR doing weird cleanup and bug smashing with broom or spray bottle.)

(RICKY & PENNY ENTER audience or stage apron.)

RICKY - Finally we're off that bus! It stunk!
PENNY - And that sticky stuff on the floor pulled my shoe off.

DIDWARD - (passing them) Yes, the floor was very adhesive.

RICKY - And the movie was lousy. “Please Don't Eat The Daisies?” Who would eat daisies anyway?

Janitor is right behind them.)

CREEPY JANITOR - It is amazing what gets eaten around here.

PENNY (startled) - Who's that?

RICKY - Just the moron janitor.

DIDWARD - The contemporary politically correct label would be “custodian”, “groundskeeper” or “maintenance specialist”.

RICKY - Whatever. Let’s get our luggage.

DIDWARD - I concur. The shifting nuances of language are obnoxious.

ANDREW (ENTERING skipping happy) Has anyone seen a plaid, zippered, rolling Hello Kitty suitcase?

RICKY - Hello Kitty??? Are you kidding?


VICKY (ENTERING, to Ricky) Oh are you looking for the pink and red Hello Kitty suitcase? It's adorable! I love your fashion sense! It's in the pile behind bus #4.

CARLIE - You should join our Hello Kitty Club!
CLAIRE - We collect Hello Kitty stuff.
CARLIE & CLAIRE - And then we share it!

RICKY - It's not mine! (points) It belongs to that kid

MEAN COUNSELOR (striding past them): Move out maggots! Get your stuff and hoof it over to the Nurses Trailer for lice inspection!

RICKY & PENNY - Lice??? (scratch heads)

CARLIE - Oh! Look how cute!
CLAIRE - They are both scratching their heads!
CARLIE & CLAIRE - Like monkeys! Are you twins like us?


CARLIE - We’re not either.
CLAIRE - But people think we are.
CARLIE & CLAIRE - Because we look so much alike!

DIDWARD - On the contrary. Your dis-similarity is profound.

VICKY - Mind your own business, Didward!

CARLIE - Hi! I’m Carlie.
CLAIRE - Hi! I’m Claire!
CARLIE - We knew we were meant to be twins
CARLIE - When we realized
CARLIE & CLAIRE - That our names are anagrams of each other!

(pointing at each other)
CLAIRE - Carlie!
CARLIE - Claire!

DIDWARD - A most perverse serendipity.

CARLIE - Get lost, Didward!
CLAIRE - Yeah, go play with your friends.
CARLIE & CLAIRE - Oh, wait! He doesn’t HAVE any!

DIDWARD (pouting) - They’re all at Piccolo Camp. Curse you Auto Spell Correct!
(DIDWARD gets his old fashioned suitcase, EXITS)

VICKY - Oh, I love Camp PickaScab. Isn't it beautiful? It's the best camp in the world! I've been coming since I was 5 years old.

ANDREW - Really? This is my first year. I'm a little nervous. I'm afraid I won't make any friends.

VICKY - Oh don't worry about that! You'll make lots of friends! Starting with me! My name is Vicky!

ANDREW - I'm Andrew! (shaking hands, laughing, with VICKY, CARLIE & CLAIRE all at once.)

VICKY - Nice to meet you Andrew! (steps past him to others) Hi! I'm Vicky! What are your names?

PENNY (putting her hands behind her) - Uh... Penny.

VICKY - Oh! Is that short for Penelope? What a beauuuutiful name. Penelope! Penelope!

PENNY (yelling) - Call me Penny!

HAPPY COUNSELOR (joining the group)- I will! Hello Penny. Welcome to Camp PickaScab! Hey everyone! This is Penny!

VICKY - But her full name is Penelope!

HAPPY COUNSELOR - Oh! My bad! Hey everyone! Her name is Penelope.
(to audience:) Everyone say hello to Penelope!

AUDIENCE & EVERYONE - Hello Penelope!

(PENNY cringes.)

HAPPY COUNSELOR See you at the flag ceremony! Bring your pinwheels! (EXITS)

RICKY (scratching his rear end) Did she say pinworms?

VICKY - And who are you?

RICKY - (afraid to answer) ... I'm Ricky.

VICKY - Oh! Ricky rhymes with my name: Vicky! We can use each others' names in poetry workshop.

RICKY - (horrified) No!

VICKY - Once there was a boy named Ricky;
Who fell in love with a girl named Vicky!

RICKY - Aaack!

CARLIE - That’s adorable!
CLAIRE - Look what else is adorable!
CARLIE & CLAIRE - Our backpacks!

(THEY grab the identical girly backpacks, EXIT.)

VICKY - Oopsie! Everyone's got their stuff and is leaving and here we are yakking! Bye-bye! (EXITS)

(JANITOR tries to whack exiting kids with broom or spray them with spray bottle as they pass.)

ANDREW - Wow! Vicky is a ball of energy! And the twins are uncanny, don’t you think? Camp is going to be great! (He skips off, EXITS)

(PENNY & RICKY look at each other)

PENNY - What a bunch of
PENNY & RICKY - Losers!

RICKY - Now where is our luggage?

PENNY - (calling to offstage) Hey, That's my backpack! Don't throw it in the dumpster! (EXITS)

RICKY - (pointing offstage) Aaack! My suitcase is crushed! Someone tossed it on the sidewalk and everyone walked on it! (EXITS) (Curtain closes)

This is just Scene 1, about 20% of the entire script.
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